Wet-Hard Agency is quick and disruptive. It uses the internet to connect and make experiments with ease.

Wet-Hard Agency makes, celebrates, and gives back. It uses machines and technologies to give a voice to communities which have been silenced and forgotten.

Wet-Hard Agency claims space and bandwidth. It uses, reclaims, and repurposes what the internet has to offer, in order to make a space for ourselves in the world wide web.

Wet-Hard Agency is malleable. Like the precious metals in our islands—gold and copper—, our practice stands firm in who we are, but leaves room for transformations and surprising outcomes.

Wet-Hard Agency is about the cultural and mythical. It looks back on our native, indigenous cultures to bring them to the fore through contemporary ways of making on the internet.

Wet-Hard Agency is about an autonomous past, a colonial present, and a possible future.

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